Bulking Up with a Stack of Food from Aldi

I have no idea how I have survived without Aldi in my life for so long. If you haven’t heard of it, Aldi is a discount store that sells a wide variety of foods. What you will find at Aldi is that most of their products are generic brands, with a few name brand items thrown into the mix. I’m pretty sure that these stores are really popular in Europe and then they made their way to the United States. I had often driven by my local Aldi but hadn’t been inside since I began to start my new bulk.

bulk this wayAs I first walked in, I immediately noticed an awesome snack section. It wasn’t really titled the snack aisle but it is where you will find a majority of pantry goods. I am not someone who tends to follow strict guidelines when bulking. If I stand on the scale and see a bigger number than the week before, I’m doing alright. In the pantry section, I was able to find a bunch of cereals for $1.29. I seriously can’t even find cereal under $2.50 at most places so this was a nice deal. I bought six different boxes of cereal, a new record from one shopping trip.

Next, I went down the diary aisle and found a few good deals. I saw the Greek yogurt was on sale for about 60 cents when everywhere else has it for one dollar. Greek yogurt is a great food for bulking up because, in most cases, it has much more protein per serving. One thing that pairs especially well with yogurt is granola and did Aldi ever have a selection of granola! I was able to get a large bag of granola that has lasted me about a week and it only cost $2.99, amazing.

The new supplements I am using to help bulk are making me very hungry. It is almost like I wake up ready to eat a large breakfast and it doesn’t slow down from there. The supplements I’ve been using are called the Crazy Bulk stack and I’ve been happy with the results. I’ve been taking these supplement for about three weeks and I’ve already gained 11 pounds. Best of all, I haven’t really changed up anything regarding my weightlifting regimen. However, I have noticed that I’ve gotten stronger so the only change is that I’m able to lift more weight.

Taking a trip to Aldi provided me with  enough food to get through a month of bulking for about $200, half of what I paid at my regular grocery store. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped learning to care about what a label says. I think I have one of the most overactive appetites in the world which means my food budget can get expensive. I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite find every item on my list at Aldi. However, they did have most of the items I needed and the cost savings were exceptional. I wanted to give a quick heads up and point two things that you may not be prepared for when you enter Aldi for the first time. You will need to bring a quarter to use their shopping carts and you do need to pay for your own bags at checkout. I saw a bunch of shoppers with their own bags so I guess I’m out of the loop there.

Protein Powders for People with Whey Allergies

Are you allergic to protein powder? It’s common to feel worried at the thought that something made to help you is hurting you. As it turns out, it could be the result of a whey allergy. Only having a whey allergy doesn’t mean you have to stop using protein powder, it just means you might need to switch brands. You won’t know for sure if you have a whey allergy until you know the signs. Next, you’ll need to figure out which types of protein are for you. In this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about having a whey allergy.

Signs of a Whey Protein Allergic Reaction

The first sign to watch out for is if your stomach cramps up. Once you have drank your protein shake, it starts going down to the stomach. In many cases, protein powder passes through just as anything else would. You would hardly know when protein powder has entered the stomach. However, those with whey protein allergies will feel something different as their protein shake is being digested. Stomach cramps associated with a whey protein allergic will often be accompanied by bouts of diarrhea.

The second sign to watch out for is any change happening to your skin. In many allergic reactions, skin turns red and blotchy. You may notice that these red patches become very itchy. It’s common for people to feel like skin has come into contact with poison ivy when a whey induced allergic reaction occurs.

Types of Non Whey Protein Powder

Being allergic to protein powder isn’t the end of the world. As you know, there are plenty of protein powders that are made using no whey at all. Finding the right non whey protein powder will get you back to feeling normal again.

AI Sports No Whey Protein: This is a vegan based protein powder that I love. AI Sports Nutrition is a big name company that has low prices. I know that last sentence sounds a bit cheesy but its true. This company has continued to keep product costs low in a world where many other companies are raising prices.

Pea Protein: No, this protein doesn’t taste like peas. If you’re like me, you didn’t really get excited when you saw peas on your plate at dinnertime. As an adult, I tend to avoid putting peas on my plate. However, a pea based protein powder is actually very tasty. You can take this recommendation as someone that doesn’t even like peas. Natural sweeteners help to add to the flavor of the protein powder. You also don’t have to worry about every type of pea based protein powder being green.

Soy Protein: Soy has really taken off in the world of drinks. You’ve likely seen a lot of soy milk products on store shelves. I’ve tried soy milk in the past and was stunned at how close to the real thing it was and that was years ago. I’m sure soy milk has only improved since then. If you like soy milk, you will love soy protein. The latest research on soy shows that this ingredient has many benefits.

non whey protein sources

Not being able to consume why isn’t the end of the world. There are many types of protein powders to use that contain no whey at all. Protein is essential for gaining muscle and retaining a healthy weight. Finding the right non whey protein powders ensures you have no more whey allergies.

What is BSN Neuro FX and How Do I Take It?

One category of supplements that have certainly seen a growth in popularity is nootropics. These supplements did not used to be taken by many people. I think it is the change of pace that has led many to reach for a supplement to help them with their week. Nootropics are supplements that made to enhance the overall function of the brain. Many people working in the technology and students have helped to make these supplement grow in popularity. Now, thanks to BSN, weightlifters can get that brain aid that only nootropics can provide. Neuro FX is a preworkout made by BSN. BSN is a company known for their amazing supplements. If the name of this supplement sounds familiar, you could be confusing it with Hyper FX.

I still remember using Hyper FX and really enjoyed that preworkout. Neuro FX doesn’t skimp on ingredients that is for sure. You will find 400 mg of Aceytl L Carnitine within this supplement. I have found this ingredient in many supplements, for good reason. There is 100 mg of caffeine per serving of Neuro FX which I find a little low. However, Neuro FX isn’t a supplement that is all about energy. What many aspiring weightlifters don’t realize is that you need more than caffeine for a true mind and muscle connection.

BSN wasn’t content to use ingredients that are the next fad, only to be gone within a month. This company uses a majority of ingredients within Neuro FX that have been beneficial longer than we’ve been alive! You will find theanine, alpha GPC, and coffeeberry extract also within this supplement. The previously mentioned ingredients are beneficial to giving you that extra mental edge. I’ve been able to find this supplement in three different flavors which are citrus, cranberry orange, and fruit punch. I have tried the cranberry orange flavor and loved it.

The cranberry might have you thinking the drink will be tart but it is actually very sweet, I think the orange addition really helps. I took this supplement in the morning and felt energy lasting well into the afternoon. I don’t have much experience with taking nootropics but after trying Neuro FX I think that will change. I loved the feeling of being able to finish lifting and jump right into work later in the day. Most of the time, after a workout I find myself feeling very tired mentally. It is like a feeling that I used all of mental energy for the workout and have none left to spare. However, with Neuro FX I really felt like nothing could slow me down. Also, this supplement gave me no sleepy feeling after my weightlifting sessions which I loved. If you are looking for Neuro FX, it is widely available online.

I’ve seen many BSN supplement at stores across the country so I would imagine you can find it at many local supplement shops. The main aspects that Neuro FX is used for is to be both a pre workout and mind booster. I found the mental boosting aspects of this supplement were definitely there. If you are looking for a good pre workout you will find that in this supplement. I found that could focus much easier after using Neuro FX. The focus lasted throughout much of my day and didn’t taper off with me feeling sleepy.

An Overview of Evogen Lipocide IR

One of toughest things to try and do is reduce fat intake while still holding on to muscle. It is why the people that have massive muscles without any fat are usually on the cover of fitness magazines. You’ve probably heard endless ways to try and have that perfect balance to get great definition.

One supplement called Lipocide IR has been made to help this huge problems that we’ve all ran into. There has been quite a bit of research done to formulate Lipocide IR, including adding amazing ingredients. However, the most important thing to try and find out is how well Lipocide works. What I really loved about Lipocide is how you can adjust the servings.

Many supplements only allow you to try the dose that they create. However, this can cause problems because there are times when the minimum suggested amount could be too much. When looking at supplement with stimulants, you don’t want to go overboard with what you are taking.

Another cool feature of Lipocide is how fast it works. Have you ever experienced that awkward twenty to thirty minute wait, just waiting for your preworkout to kick in? I know that I have had experienced some awkward times walking around the weights like a weird person. However, Lipocide IR has kicked into a new gear because their supplement only takes about 10 minutes to kick in. I am so happy to see supplements being made that start working faster. I would say that the research done by Evogen has certainly gone very well!

We previously mentioned the ingredient research that went into coming up with this supplement. However, let’s see just what some of the most beneficial ingredients are in this product. Looking at this list will help to determine how well this supplement will work for you during training.

Caffeine Anhydrous – If you are going to lose weight, be prepared to lose a lot of energy. One thing that new dieters aren’t always ready for is the feeling of being tired. Those who are dieting might find that the lack of energy they are experiencing make a diet too much to handle. There are 200 milligrams of caffeine in this supplement which I feel is just about the perfect amount. Taking over 200 milligrams of caffeine at once is a little too much energy for my needs. I feel that the caffeine amount in Lipocide is great for what it aims to do .

Advantra – This ingredient isn’t going to be one you’ve probably seen before. However, Evogen is extremely excited about this stimulant. Luckily, there is also a ton of research that has been already done on this ingredient. This ingredient has been shown to really help in both weight loss and muscle gain. This stimulant ingredient is sure to have you losing fat with plenty of energy to spare.

Overall, I was very impressed with Lipocide IR. I feel that this supplement could easily help anyone who is wanting to lose fat and gain mass at the same time. This supplement is in powder form which makes it very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about having to take a bunch of tablets. Best of all, this supplement actually tastes really good. I hate having to drink those nasty preworkout drinks, you won’t have to worry about that here.


Is There a Safer Alternative to Dianabol?

For years, aspiring bodybuilders have done just about everything in the name of gaining muscle. However, there appears to be a supplement that can offer muscle growth, without all of the dangerous side effects. A dianabol review can be talking about many different versions of this supplement. D-bal is the supplement that is set to replace Dianabol and it seems to be doing a great job. Many people have reported that D-bal helps them to gain more muscle, along with a proper diet and training program.

dbal container reviewMany times, I’ve noticed that people seem to get confused when it comes to creating a diet and training regimen. However, with a little bit of work, you won’t have to stress out over creating this regimen. I really enjoy using supplements that are in capsule form, it makes it much easier to take. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is trying to use sprays or nasty tasting drinks to gain muscle. Sometimes, the drinks we mix to gain more muscle can leave us with nothing but fat, thanks to hidden calories and sugars.

I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed using D-bal as a safer alternative, there are many other reviewers who feel the same way. Currently, most people who are working out are trying to be more self-aware of what supplements they are using. When it comes to being safe and building muscle slower, I certainly don’t mind waiting a little longer. When I was working out with D-bal, I did feel like the weights had gotten slightly lighter.

Dianabol is a steroid and is not widely available for use, due to limitations and rules against this muscle builder. However, D-bal is available at many places online. The review above will go into even more depth about how D-bal works to help you build more muscle. I couldn’t have been more impressed with this supplement and I definitely plan on using it again in the near future. You’ll want to use caution when getting d bal, as there can be a lot of sketchy products out there. Ensure that the dianabol you are getting is a safe replacement and not the real deal!


What is the Perfect Amount of Weightlifting Sets for Me?

There are some aspects of weightlifting that those new to it may feel aren’t explained well. While you might not which lifts to try and how many reps, many forget the importance of sets. The first thing that new lifters might not know is that you will need to adjust your sets as time goes on. For example, those three sets of deadlifts you did when you started out were likely very grueling. However, if you fast forward to a year or six months later and you’re still doing three sets, it can wreak havoc on your gains. On the flipside, starting out with too many sets is dangerous.

I’ll share with you a little trick that I’ve used after missing some time away from the gym. For my first workout, I call it an assessment day. One of the worst things you can do is to, after missing workouts, jump back where you left off. Depending on how long you have been out of action, your strength may have drastically reduced. I like to only do one set of each exercise (ranging from 6-8) to see where my numbers are currently. If, in this beginning phase, you pick up something too heavy or light, make quick adjustments. Don’t sit around fine tuning the weights, it can be really to overthink this part. Once you’ve found a weight that works for you, see how many repetitions you can get out.

I would recommend having strength assessment days for the first week, it’s safer and provides you with base numbers. During this beginning phase, do not get discouraged if you can curl a maximum of 10 pounds, we’ve all been there. After you have undergone the strength assessment week, I’ll add another set onto each lift for the next week. If you’ve made it to this point you should be doing two sets per exercise or roughly about 6-12 total sets, depending on how many lifts you plan on doing per day. This second week is what I call the prove it week. After having a few days off to eat and prepare myself, I should be able to perform two sets of what I could only do one of the week before. In this upcoming stage, you don’t want to add more weight, although it could be tempting. The second week of two sets is to ensure that you keep this number and prove that you can lift the weight for an additional set.

It is perfectly normal to find that a few lifts will be ones that you can’t match last week’s strength with. After these two weeks, you are free to find out which amount of sets works best for you. Most people will jump up to three sets and stay there for a while. The best indicator I’ve found for knowing when to step it up is how you feel. I know that previous advice sounds a bit weak but believe me you will start to develop a sense of your weightlifting limits. Another important aspect of weightlifting to do properly is wait times between sets. Many want to get their workouts done quickly, without giving themselves enough time to rest. Signs that you aren’t resting enough is that your workouts are finished faster but your numbers are really bad. If you find that you are losing strength or are plateauing, think about adding thirty seconds of rest between sets.

Three Secret Ways to Train Your Abs

One main goal of most people that are training would be to reduce stomach fat. It seems that a large majority of us would love to have a set of abs that would catch the attention of everyone around us. What most seem to understand is that getting a flat stomach can take quite a long time. The first thing you’ll want to have in check is that you aren’t filling your face with a bunch of junk food. Once you’ve got the food requirements down, you’ll need to pick a good group of exercises that will effectively train your stomach muscles.

There are a bunch of exercises out there that will tone you a slight bit but won’t fully work out your abs. Instead of getting out that roller out of your closest, let’s look at how weightlifters train their stomach muscles, you might be surprised. The benefit of some of the most intense compound lifts available is that they can work well to enhance your abdominal muscles too!

Squats – Probably the best exercise for training your abdominal muscles, the squat has so many benefits associated with it. I see why most people complain about squatting, it doesn’t work most of the showy muscles. In addition, performing a proper squat is about the toughest exercise that you can perfect, in terms of proper form. If more people would stop complaining how hard squats are and just knocked them out, more people would see how good this exercise can be for you!

Military Press – This king of shoulder exercises is great for improving core strength, right where the abdominal muscles are. The first few times that you do a military press, it will naturally feel like you might fall over backwards. It is recommended that you stay very slightly bent while performing these presses, giving you a false feeling like you could tip back. It’s very important to start with a manageable weight for this exercise, since you will be lifting this weight over your head.

Shoulder Row – For this exercise, you’ll need to grab a dumbbell and lean over a nearby bench. Once at the bench, simply pull the dumbbell back, alternating between both arms. This exercise is especially effective for keeping your oblique muscles tightened. As you continue to pull back, you are stretching the out sides of your abdominal muscles. Another benefit of this exercise is that you don’t have to use heavy weights.

No matter which exercise you choose for your next day to train, remember that these all will help your abdominal muscles. Sure, you can’t expect to have a shredded stomach by next week but be patient and you will see how well compound lifting can help you achieve a flatter stomach. Most of the popular ab exercises out there just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to easiness or practicality. It makes much more sense to implement a few new weightlifting methods into your training. Best of all, when you have perfected the previously mentioned lifts, you’ll likely be noticing that you have gained some newfound strength in the process. Overall, you should expect that, after doing the three lifts you’ve seen, your stomach should start looking flatter in a matter of a few weeks. Of course, the more fat that you have accumulated, the longer you should expect it to take to see results!

Airport Offers New Way to Train

One of the many burdens of airports is that there is no place to workout. Likely, most people won’t be upset that their airport doesn’t have a gym. However, for the rest of us, a workout could be the perfect stress reliever. Also, how much time would we save if we could knock out our weightlifting while waiting through an agonizing layover? Regardless of their reason, Baltimore has decided to build a place to workout, within their airport. I’d imagine that the traveling bodybuilders will adore being able to finish their lifting while waiting on a flight.

Of course, you will need to make it past the security checkpoints but once you’ve beat that, you are ready to lift! Having opened on January 9th, the facilities are brand new and include quite a few different areas of importance. If you think that a workout before your flight will only make you a sweaty mess, think again. One of the most talked about benefits of exercise is how good it is for coping with stress. If the thought of that airplane starting to ascend has you shaking, exercise before your flight. The release of the brain’s stress fighting chemicals will make you feel much better. After all, being able to workout sure beats twiddling your thumbs in those gigantic lobbies, right? If you don’t plan on finding yourself anywhere near Baltimore, fear not, there will be more airports with fully-functional gyms very soon.

As a matter of fact, Charlotte Douglass International Airport is planned to be the next building that will feature a brand new workout spot. Roam Fitness is the company behind these amazing gyms, what a great idea to add them to airports. Perhaps, we could one day see more gyms pop up in places where they normally aren’t. Could you imagine knocking out a session on the treadmill while waiting at the DMV? The world is heeding the call to become fit and I welcome that! Another great benefit of the gyms that Roam Fitness has setup is that you don’t have to pay first-class prices to enjoy their facilities. A day pass to this new Baltimore gym is only $40 and it covers the cost of clothing. Yes, you can rent clothing to wear at their gym, why don’t other places treat their customers this good? If I didn’t have the right clothes at my gym, they would kindly show me the door and I would have to leave! However, if you do plan ahead and bring your own clothes, there is an additional perk to the day pass.

At no extra cost, the staff will actually vacuum seal your sweaty workout clothes, before you have to head onto your flight. Roam Fitness has done an amazing job of catering to a wide variety of fitness needs with both cardio and strength training machines. Something I wasn’t sure would be included, free weights, are also going to be included in these airport gyms, sign me up! I can count enough times that I could have used a good lifting session at an airport. Whether or not it was the sass of a TSA officer, a delayed flight, or a layover, all are good reasons to take that aggression out on a set of weights. If you don’t live in the Charlotte or Baltimore area, don’t worry, Roam Fitness is planning to roll out these gyms in many airports.

Body Combat is Defeating Stress, One Person at a Time

Is that stationary class having you wanted to fall asleep? Are you looking for more of an adrenaline rush, in the fight to keep your body firm? There is a new class being offered called Body Combat and it won’t have you stepping into a cage but it will train you like you are about to go into one! While you won’t be fighting any other fellow classmates for a belt, or shot at the champion, you will need to prepare to start sweating. Focusing on the same training style of some of the most influential fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, you will be trading in sit ups and push ups for punches and kicks.

If you think that there is no real base to this form of training, take a second look at most of the fighters out there right now. Known for some the leanest body fat percentages, fighters don’t want to waste time on a training program that wouldn’t deliver. Some see fighters as nothing but human punching bags but that wouldn’t drive home all of the intense conditioning that allows them to even step foot into a cage. Where Body Combat is different from other training programs is pretty much evident when learning about it, I think it is a welcome change.

For many years, we’ve all been victim to the boring classes that our gym offers, with no new changes to the class, making one wonder if they are even missing out. I guarantee you, if my gym had started getting the gear in place for Body Combat workouts, I would have waited all day to step into that class. In my opinion, the greatest training classes teach you lessons that can be applied in other places. For instance, I remember going to a relaxation class that my local gym was offering, I had never been much for learning new ways to relax but I had some time to kill. To this day, I am still so happy with myself that I decided to stop by a relaxation class, thank goodness for not having any plans that night.

What I learned about allowing myself to calm down and not let stress get to me has paid off so much, I wish I could back and see that teacher again to thank him! You’ll notice that Body Combat does offer differing exercise times, meaning that you jump into a class that fits the time that you have left for the day. One annoying aspect of many classes that I have taken is the indifference at how long a class went. Sometimes, it seemed that only the fellow classmates were the only ones paying attention to how long a class was supposed to run, which was weird. Our gym has been able to hire on some really great trainers, as well as other staff, I haven’t had a bad experience there since the change in staff started happening. However, before those very important changes, were teachers giving classes that I don’t think were fully qualified, but we will save that story for another time. Getting back to Body Combat, you will only find knowledgeable professionals leading these courses. Being able to learn real deal combat techniques, from a wide variety of disciplines, along with staying skinny is a win-win for everyone.

Can You Double the Muscle You Build?

Although, I’m not positive as to why, doesn’t it seem like you’re always hearing about ways to double, or even triple your muscle? I don’t think that we stop to consider that double something equates to 200%, certainly not a number to be scoffed at. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what out there could come close to doubling the rate at which I gain muscle. I’ve worked on this for quite a while now and had to bust out a calculator to come up with an equation that would work. What I came up with is, with my current diet and training regimen, I was gaining about 4.5 lbs a month, not a bad number but not great either. With that in mind, I set off to see what could be done so that I could build muscle more rapidly. I was already using something for energy, so I knew that I would be covered there.

To tell you the truth, I’ve actually had to reduce the amount of energy I’ve been getting, so I was definitely all set in that department. Stacking the best supplements I could get my hands on, I now had what I needed to see if I could start gaining a respectable 9 pounds a month (doubling my previous month of gains).

Stacks Are Awesome, If You Are Dedicated to Building Lean Muscle!

It wasn’t easy and it took some modifying of my meal plan, as well as what workouts I was doing, I wasn’t sure if it could be done in time. As the thirty day point was looming, I knew that I looked a little bulkier but I didn’t realistically think that I was anywhere close to my gaining goal.One thing that bugged me about trying to double the muscle building power I had was all of the meals I had to it. It seemed like everyday was another battle with the fork to eat more than I had the past week. I have to admit that more of my gains, this time around, were comprised of fat, which I was fine with. I think that if I do some changing to the supplements that I am stacking, I can reach that point of gaining twice as much muscle.