Apps that Offer Extra Incentive to Slim

Sounding more like something out of a dream, than an actual technology, we now live in a time where you can be paid to work out. If there is an incentive that drives some of us more than money, I don’t know what that would be. If your mind is wanting to desperately lose weight or gain muscle, we don’t always have bodies that want that same goal. If I hadn’t already started my path a long time ago, I would have definitely signed up for some of these amazing apps. I wouldn’t go out and quit my job for these apps, as the paydays will vary and most aren’t something you could live in but extra money isn’t a thing I would turn down, no matter how little it was.

I’m still looking into this technology, as I had honestly only learned these sort of apps were possible a few days ago. If you’re looking to earn while you burn calories, here are two of the applications that I had some time to spend with. The first app is known as Pact, which will pay users for achieving their fitness goals, with a fun little twist. When you sign up for Pact, the process is fairly simple, you make your own pacts, which will be your goals going forward. Whether it is that you want to clean up how you eat or you just want to clock in an extra minute on the treadmill, Pact lets you choose the goals that you want to do.

Where the fun twist comes in, is that you get paid by users who didn’t achieve their pact. With most fitness apps, if you don’t complete your goal, you don’t really lose out on much but feeling disappointed with yourself. Pact changes how much incentive we have to complete our goals, because if you don’t, you’ll likely be paying someone else that did. If losing your own personal money is not an incentive enough for you to change your life, I don’t know what would be. The second application is called Healthy Wage and is designed more with weight loss in mind, than setting other goals. As long as you don’t expect to become a millionaire off of them, take these apps for what they are, a new way to force you to stick with your fitness goals. As the New Year approaches, I believe that there will be more than one or two people reading this who have their resolution, the most popular one which is losing weight.

Don’t go into this year with a goal that has no real reason for you to want to carry on with it. Some will have their fitness goals in place for family, spouse, or because they just want to feel better about how they look. If you are at a loss, regarding what your reason will be, as we head into 2017, to become a new you, the apps I have talked about could be a great new adventure for you! I don’t suggest that any cheapskates sign up for these applications, as they do say numerous times that you could end up losing money. How much success you find with these cool fitness apps will be up to you and your level of willpower. Prices will range for these apps, like they will in any other category!

How I Gained 25lbs In About A Month

Recently, I’ve been getting asked about what changes I have been making, from my friends that also train. Perhaps it has been my busy holiday schedule, I suppose that I have accidentally forgotten to notice that I was bulking fast. I have certainly been consuming more milk than usual, it has been like a craving since I started lifting heavily.

I’ve also seen, that with doing more of my compound lifts, which use more muscles at once, than would isolation exercises, that my appetite has been changing. It is almost like my hunger is more noticable and harder to shrug off, than how I used to eat. Being someone that could skip a meal or two before it really got to me, I find that the more I force myself to eat, the more often I am hungry.

I am hoping that you are seeing the connection between forcing myself to eat and how quickly my body grew to like that schedule, meaning if you go through a couple days of weirdness, actual pounds gained could be on the other side. I don’t know if it is possible for all of you to gain more than twenty pounds in a month, for some it will be too much to ask. What you should be doing, rather than setting a goal that someone else had, would be to setup tasks that are feasible for you to exceed. You’ll find the right balance, even it takes some trial and error but you will get do complete tasks that you never thought you could and it feels great!

Go grab a list of great calorie dense foods, perhaps a gallon or two of milk, and start doing exercises that use your full body. If you can deal with burning muscles and feeling more sluggish on heavy eating days, you’ll be growing your way into a massive version of you very fast. Also, the faster amount of days that you set for gaining weight could lead to slight fat gains, this is part of the process and what to be prepared for during bulking times. Fear not, with an emphasis on adding some light running into your week, that extra flab will be no match for you!

Chester knows that to get to where you really want to be, you will need to make changes that won’t always be those that you ease into. Prepare yourself for a long road and you’ll see that the travel time was never as long as what you would have expected it to be!

Gaining More of an Understanding of Pylometrics

Jumping around is an activity that you were told not to do but as we age, we find new uses for even the most simple of body movements. Having a sturdy base of strength on your legs is vital for performing many essential tasks in life. If you have aspirations of lifting weight, having legs like tree trunks will only do you good, no harm here. Based out of Russia, the plyometric form of training was one that did take some time to perfect but once it was released to the masses, it changed how we look at modern muscle development.

The study of pylometrics was created when it was found out that more jumping distance would create a sort of shock throughout your body. This shocking feeling has been shown to provide additional muscle growth, when compared to normal jumping activities, like you would get with using a jump rope. Although it could seem out of place to what you value in life, there are those who are needing to have a big vertical jump. For those who are undergoing a plyometric transformation of their aerobics, the height of a jump could mean the difference between making a team and not being able to play.

box jumpingSome jobs, especially those that require good physical conditioning and if you’re applying for them, it could mean that pylometrics should be of the utmost importance to you. For the uninformed, pylometrics can be easily confused with normal jumping but that would missing the entire point of these exercises. What you would ideally want to do when you are learning about pylometrics is to continuously challenge yourself. Box jumping is going to be the most likely method that you have seen true pylometrics in action. The exercise known as box jumping is simple enough to understand but tougher to effectively carry out. For a box jumping exercise, all you would need to obtain is a box but the details will be the main difference between success and failure with pylometrics.

If you are new to extending your vertical jump, you won’t want to endanger yourself by getting a box that is going to be too tall for you to even use. Stick with something that you know for a fact is going to be very stable with your body weight standing on it. Please, don’t think that because it is called box jumping that you will need to get a cardboard box, this will be a very painful learning experience if you do. Instead, choose to get a crate made of a sturdy material, wood is good base component but could be worn down over time. However, getting a crate that is made of metal will be hard to obtain but would ensure that you wouldn’t be breaking your box in the near future. You can help to make the transition into perform pylometrics more simple by making sure that you are training in the form of both squats and calf extensions.

As you will come to know, a squat is kind of like a jump, while you have weights saddled to your upper back. If you continue to be able to squat with increased weight plates, you will also begin to see your vertical jump take off. Considering investing into some form of workout mats, if you practicing pylometrics within your own home.