What is BSN Neuro FX and How Do I Take It?

One category of supplements that have certainly seen a growth in popularity is nootropics. These supplements did not used to be taken by many people. I think it is the change of pace that has led many to reach for a supplement to help them with their week. Nootropics are supplements that made to enhance the overall function of the brain. Many people working in the technology and students have helped to make these supplement grow in popularity. Now, thanks to BSN, weightlifters can get that brain aid that only nootropics can provide. Neuro FX is a preworkout made by BSN. BSN is a company known for their amazing supplements. If the name of this supplement sounds familiar, you could be confusing it with Hyper FX.

I still remember using Hyper FX and really enjoyed that preworkout. Neuro FX doesn’t skimp on ingredients that is for sure. You will find 400 mg of Aceytl L Carnitine within this supplement. I have found this ingredient in many supplements, for good reason. There is 100 mg of caffeine per serving of Neuro FX which I find a little low. However, Neuro FX isn’t a supplement that is all about energy. What many aspiring weightlifters don’t realize is that you need more than caffeine for a true mind and muscle connection.

BSN wasn’t content to use ingredients that are the next fad, only to be gone within a month. This company uses a majority of ingredients within Neuro FX that have been beneficial longer than we’ve been alive! You will find theanine, alpha GPC, and coffeeberry extract also within this supplement. The previously mentioned ingredients are beneficial to giving you that extra mental edge. I’ve been able to find this supplement in three different flavors which are citrus, cranberry orange, and fruit punch. I have tried the cranberry orange flavor and loved it.

The cranberry might have you thinking the drink will be tart but it is actually very sweet, I think the orange addition really helps. I took this supplement in the morning and felt energy lasting well into the afternoon. I don’t have much experience with taking nootropics but after trying Neuro FX I think that will change. I loved the feeling of being able to finish lifting and jump right into work later in the day. Most of the time, after a workout I find myself feeling very tired mentally. It is like a feeling that I used all of mental energy for the workout and have none left to spare. However, with Neuro FX I really felt like nothing could slow me down. Also, this supplement gave me no sleepy feeling after my weightlifting sessions which I loved. If you are looking for Neuro FX, it is widely available online.

I’ve seen many BSN supplement at stores across the country so I would imagine you can find it at many local supplement shops. The main aspects that Neuro FX is used for is to be both a pre workout and mind booster. I found the mental boosting aspects of this supplement were definitely there. If you are looking for a good pre workout you will find that in this supplement. I found that could focus much easier after using Neuro FX. The focus lasted throughout much of my day and didn’t taper off with me feeling sleepy.