Protein Powders for People with Whey Allergies

Are you allergic to protein powder? It’s common to feel worried at the thought that something made to help you is hurting you. As it turns out, it could be the result of a whey allergy. Only having a whey allergy doesn’t mean you have to stop using protein powder, it just means you might need to switch brands. You won’t know for sure if you have a whey allergy until you know the signs. Next, you’ll need to figure out which types of protein are for you. In this post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about having a whey allergy.

Signs of a Whey Protein Allergic Reaction

The first sign to watch out for is if your stomach cramps up. Once you have drank your protein shake, it starts going down to the stomach. In many cases, protein powder passes through just as anything else would. You would hardly know when protein powder has entered the stomach. However, those with whey protein allergies will feel something different as their protein shake is being digested. Stomach cramps associated with a whey protein allergic will often be accompanied by bouts of diarrhea.

The second sign to watch out for is any change happening to your skin. In many allergic reactions, skin turns red and blotchy. You may notice that these red patches become very itchy. It’s common for people to feel like skin has come into contact with poison ivy when a whey induced allergic reaction occurs.

Types of Non Whey Protein Powder

Being allergic to protein powder isn’t the end of the world. As you know, there are plenty of protein powders that are made using no whey at all. Finding the right non whey protein powder will get you back to feeling normal again.

AI Sports No Whey Protein: This is a vegan based protein powder that I love. AI Sports Nutrition is a big name company that has low prices. I know that last sentence sounds a bit cheesy but its true. This company has continued to keep product costs low in a world where many other companies are raising prices.

Pea Protein: No, this protein doesn’t taste like peas. If you’re like me, you didn’t really get excited when you saw peas on your plate at dinnertime. As an adult, I tend to avoid putting peas on my plate. However, a pea based protein powder is actually very tasty. You can take this recommendation as someone that doesn’t even like peas. Natural sweeteners help to add to the flavor of the protein powder. You also don’t have to worry about every type of pea based protein powder being green.

Soy Protein: Soy has really taken off in the world of drinks. You’ve likely seen a lot of soy milk products on store shelves. I’ve tried soy milk in the past and was stunned at how close to the real thing it was and that was years ago. I’m sure soy milk has only improved since then. If you like soy milk, you will love soy protein. The latest research on soy shows that this ingredient has many benefits.

non whey protein sources

Not being able to consume why isn’t the end of the world. There are many types of protein powders to use that contain no whey at all. Protein is essential for gaining muscle and retaining a healthy weight. Finding the right non whey protein powders ensures you have no more whey allergies.