About Chester

My name is Chester Farnsworth, I have lived most of my life in England, until I decided to end up in the United States. For me, wanting to visit the United States had always been a dream of mine, it was just one that I thought would forever be out of reach. I have been happily married for ten years now and I wouldn’t have had as much as I do had I not met that wonderful woman. Many of friends from overseas had always recommended that I not follow through with a long distance relationship but I had to take the chance.

What brings me to telling that long winded history lesson was that, if not for meeting my wife in America, would I have been able to get the motivation needed to start a website of my own. I have always enjoyed sports throughout my life, the sense of friendship that comes from competing with those around you is quite a thrill. Landing in another country, with no friends around me, I took to my local recreation center and struck up some good friendships within a short while. I was like a fish out of water and am so thankful that I was able to continue meeting up with such an awesome group of guys. Thanks to all of those awesome people for making a Brit feel welcome in a new land.

One of those friends that I would keep running into was someone who was a bit of a techie and helped me out with this website. Together, the two of us have been putting everything that we have into getting this site up and running for all of you. My interests lie within fitness but I will occasionally talk about other subjects that interest me, likely ones that you will enjoy reading about.