Bulking Up with a Stack of Food from Aldi

I have no idea how I have survived without Aldi in my life for so long. If you haven’t heard of it, Aldi is a discount store that sells a wide variety of foods. What you will find at Aldi is that most of their products are generic brands, with a few name brand items thrown into the mix. I’m pretty sure that these stores are really popular in Europe and then they made their way to the United States. I had often driven by my local Aldi but hadn’t been inside since I began to start my new bulk.

bulk this wayAs I first walked in, I immediately noticed an awesome snack section. It wasn’t really titled the snack aisle but it is where you will find a majority of pantry goods. I am not someone who tends to follow strict guidelines when bulking. If I stand on the scale and see a bigger number than the week before, I’m doing alright. In the pantry section, I was able to find a bunch of cereals for $1.29. I seriously can’t even find cereal under $2.50 at most places so this was a nice deal. I bought six different boxes of cereal, a new record from one shopping trip.

Next, I went down the diary aisle and found a few good deals. I saw the Greek yogurt was on sale for about 60 cents when everywhere else has it for one dollar. Greek yogurt is a great food for bulking up because, in most cases, it has much more protein per serving. One thing that pairs especially well with yogurt is granola and did Aldi ever have a selection of granola! I was able to get a large bag of granola that has lasted me about a week and it only cost $2.99, amazing.

The new supplements I am using to help bulk are making me very hungry. It is almost like I wake up ready to eat a large breakfast and it doesn’t slow down from there. The supplements I’ve been using are called the Crazy Bulk stack and I’ve been happy with the results. I’ve been taking these supplement for about three weeks and I’ve already gained 11 pounds. Best of all, I haven’t really changed up anything regarding my weightlifting regimen. However, I have noticed that I’ve gotten stronger so the only change is that I’m able to lift more weight.

Taking a trip to Aldi provided me with  enough food to get through a month of bulking for about $200, half of what I paid at my regular grocery store. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped learning to care about what a label says. I think I have one of the most overactive appetites in the world which means my food budget can get expensive. I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite find every item on my list at Aldi. However, they did have most of the items I needed and the cost savings were exceptional. I wanted to give a quick heads up and point two things that you may not be prepared for when you enter Aldi for the first time. You will need to bring a quarter to use their shopping carts and you do need to pay for your own bags at checkout. I saw a bunch of shoppers with their own bags so I guess I’m out of the loop there.