An Overview of Evogen Lipocide IR

One of toughest things to try and do is reduce fat intake while still holding on to muscle. It is why the people that have massive muscles without any fat are usually on the cover of fitness magazines. You’ve probably heard endless ways to try and have that perfect balance to get great definition.

One supplement called Lipocide IR has been made to help this huge problems that we’ve all ran into. There has been quite a bit of research done to formulate Lipocide IR, including adding amazing ingredients. However, the most important thing to try and find out is how well Lipocide works. What I really loved about Lipocide is how you can adjust the servings.

Many supplements only allow you to try the dose that they create. However, this can cause problems because there are times when the minimum suggested amount could be too much. When looking at supplement with stimulants, you don’t want to go overboard with what you are taking.

Another cool feature of Lipocide is how fast it works. Have you ever experienced that awkward twenty to thirty minute wait, just waiting for your preworkout to kick in? I know that I have had experienced some awkward times walking around the weights like a weird person. However, Lipocide IR has kicked into a new gear because their supplement only takes about 10 minutes to kick in. I am so happy to see supplements being made that start working faster. I would say that the research done by Evogen has certainly gone very well!

We previously mentioned the ingredient research that went into coming up with this supplement. However, let’s see just what some of the most beneficial ingredients are in this product. Looking at this list will help to determine how well this supplement will work for you during training.

Caffeine Anhydrous – If you are going to lose weight, be prepared to lose a lot of energy. One thing that new dieters aren’t always ready for is the feeling of being tired. Those who are dieting might find that the lack of energy they are experiencing make a diet too much to handle. There are 200 milligrams of caffeine in this supplement which I feel is just about the perfect amount. Taking over 200 milligrams of caffeine at once is a little too much energy for my needs. I feel that the caffeine amount in Lipocide is great for what it aims to do .

Advantra – This ingredient isn’t going to be one you’ve probably seen before. However, Evogen is extremely excited about this stimulant. Luckily, there is also a ton of research that has been already done on this ingredient. This ingredient has been shown to really help in both weight loss and muscle gain. This stimulant ingredient is sure to have you losing fat with plenty of energy to spare.

Overall, I was very impressed with Lipocide IR. I feel that this supplement could easily help anyone who is wanting to lose fat and gain mass at the same time. This supplement is in powder form which makes it very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about having to take a bunch of tablets. Best of all, this supplement actually tastes really good. I hate having to drink those nasty preworkout drinks, you won’t have to worry about that here.