My Inspirations

I will make this short and sweet, as most of this does have to do with whom I find personally inspiring. I have tried as hard I could to make sure that this figures are from, or have had experience with the world of fitness. There are many heroes of mine that have never cared an ounce about how much that they can bench and that is perfectly fine, but they won’t be included here. First and foremost, I have always had the utmost respect for a man named Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don’t want to show how much of a old guy that I am but I used to love watching any of his films that I could see. I’m not a stuffy critic so I didn’t care too much about plot development, I just always had an urge to see good triumph over evil.

The next hero that I wanted to mention was about a football player for the Houston Texans. I had only recently read about his heroic deeds but once I heard about his yearly charity activities, I knew I had to include him here. This man is known for, each and every year, going to his local Toys R Us and spending somewhere in the range of five figures, all for needy children. There you have it, I guess not all superheroes in this world have to wear a cape.

Lastly, I had to be sure that I gave a nod to Bill Goldberg. Someone who is a proud supporter of animal rights (much like myself), he is an all around nice guy who deserves every bit of success that he has had. I actually got to meet Goldberg at a signing years ago and true to what you hear, he could not have been nicer!