How I Gained 25lbs In About A Month

Recently, I’ve been getting asked about what changes I have been making, from my friends that also train. Perhaps it has been my busy holiday schedule, I suppose that I have accidentally forgotten to notice that I was bulking fast. I have certainly been consuming more milk than usual, it has been like a craving since I started lifting heavily.

I’ve also seen, that with doing more of my compound lifts, which use more muscles at once, than would isolation exercises, that my appetite has been changing. It is almost like my hunger is more noticable and harder to shrug off, than how I used to eat. Being someone that could skip a meal or two before it really got to me, I find that the more I force myself to eat, the more often I am hungry.

I am hoping that you are seeing the connection between forcing myself to eat and how quickly my body grew to like that schedule, meaning if you go through a couple days of weirdness, actual pounds gained could be on the other side. I don’t know if it is possible for all of you to gain more than twenty pounds in a month, for some it will be too much to ask. What you should be doing, rather than setting a goal that someone else had, would be to setup tasks that are feasible for you to exceed. You’ll find the right balance, even it takes some trial and error but you will get do complete tasks that you never thought you could and it feels great!

Go grab a list of great calorie dense foods, perhaps a gallon or two of milk, and start doing exercises that use your full body. If you can deal with burning muscles and feeling more sluggish on heavy eating days, you’ll be growing your way into a massive version of you very fast. Also, the faster amount of days that you set for gaining weight could lead to slight fat gains, this is part of the process and what to be prepared for during bulking times. Fear not, with an emphasis on adding some light running into your week, that extra flab will be no match for you!

Chester knows that to get to where you really want to be, you will need to make changes that won’t always be those that you ease into. Prepare yourself for a long road and you’ll see that the travel time was never as long as what you would have expected it to be!